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Hello, my name is Kelly Hughes and I’m an artist & Illustrator! I’m originally from the south west of England near Plymouth, where I attended my photography degree at the Plymouth College of Art and graduated in 2015 with a 2:1. After marrying my school sweetheart in December 2016 we moved into our first home together in Wiltshire! It is here from my home-based studio that I create my artwork and work on commissions for my clients!

I have always been interested in art in some form, I love to experiment so my work develops and changes very quickly! I have a background in photography, retouching, digital collage, watercolour painting, ink work, and currently I am working with digital illustrations and art journals! As my interest in different art forms spans quite far I believe I am super flexible and can adapt to any of my client’s needs! I also tend to combine some of these skills together to create original, imaginative & innovative pieces of art.

Please send all business enquiries to hello@kellylianne.com